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Over the last several years, airline contracts have become increasingly complex, with numerous special rules and exceptions depending on the ticketing parameters. McAbee Travel wants to make the missionary trip booking process as easy as possible for you by delivering a fast and straightforward booking process.

Our missionary airfare booking engine is already very easy to understand, but we wanted to point out a few key features that may help you have an even better experience while using it. We utilize colored images to draw attention to special circumstances and/or rules with certain fares. Following is an explanation of the images you will see next to certain fares when logged in to our booking engine.


This image indicates a net fare, which means no airline commission is earned on that fare. Instead, you simply tell McAbee Travel what commission you want to charge to your client and we will do the rest.



If you are booking an airline published fare it may be commissionable. Your commission earned amount will computed on the right side of the fare image below. Where the "NetFare" icon is, instead there will be a commissionable amount. In those cases, we must follow the published fare rules.

Maximum Markup

If you see this icon there may be a maximum amount you can mark up the fare. Please ask one of our agents to review your reservation to give you the exact amount.

In most cases, the payment will end up incurring a merchant fee because the airline's maximum markup percentage is so low.


Credit Card Fee

If you see this icon there will be a credit card surcharge, if your clients are wanting to pay by credit card. For cash, check, ACH transactions, there are no additional charges. Please ask an agent for details.


Non refundable destination taxes

The following are destination taxes that are non-refundable. These taxes are paid to the destination country and are non-refundable even if the flight is canceled by the airline or by the country.

Ecuador tax E2 (approximately $10) For all arrivals into Ecuador.
Ecuador tax ED (approximately $50) Tourism tax charged for all travel originating in Ecuador.
Bolivia tax BO (approximately 14.94% of base fare) Sales tax for flights wholly within Bolivia.
Costa Rica tax CR (approximately 5% of base fare) Transportation tax for tickets paid for in Costa Rica regardless of place of issuance and origin.
Guatemala tax XB (approximately 12% of base fare) VAT tax collected for domestic tickets issued in Guatemala regardless of place of origin.
Dominican Republic tax L8 (approximately $10) For all arrivals into Dominican Republic.
Dominican Republic tax DO (approximately $12) For all travel originating in the Dominican Republic.
Saudi Arabia tax E3 (approximately $2) Security charge that applies to each international arrival/departure.

Non refundable airline taxes

The following are airline related taxes/fees that are non-refundable. They are refundable only if the airline cancels the flights themselves.

LH,OS,LX,SN validated tickets have a non-refundable $17.50 booking fee (YR tax)
EK has a non-refundable YR tax of approximately $2.72 one way.

Non refundable special fare

Special fares from the airlines that override our rules. In almost all cases they are non refundable and most of the time non changeable..

Delta Airlines: E class


Below is the layout for each fare and where the icons are placed

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